Strong thunderstorms and torrential rainfall lashed island of the „Apocalypse" in Patmos (GRE)

  • 02.02.2021 - 02.02.2021

Strong thunderstorms and torrential rainfall lashed Patmos, the Greek “Island of the Apocalypse,” early on the morning of Tuesday, 2 February 2021, resulting in school closures and an urgent situation for residents. With the potential of more rain during the day, islanders awoke to widespread damage including flooding and landslides. The island’s road network has been significantly affected, homes along the coast were inundated, and flooding was even apparent further inland, with the main square in the city of Skala submerged under water. The mayor of the eastern Aegean island – a tourist destination that’s home to a UNESCO World Heritage Site – has asked the government to declare a state of emergency.


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Press Release GRE/ENG

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